Case Management Practice Analysis: Evolution of the Practice Over the Past Two Decades

Timeslot: Saturday, March 14, 2020 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm
Session Type: General Session
Room: Colorado Ballroom A - Convention Center Level 3


Due to the dynamic nature of our complex healthcare industry, the professional practice of case management is constantly evolving as a result of the sociopolitical, regulatory, legislative, and economic factors influencing the need for transformation in our practice environment. Integral to this change is the role of the professional case manager. This session will discuss the evolution of the case manager's role over the past two decades. Hear key findings from the most recent national role and function study conducted for the purpose of the CMCC's Certified Case Manager (CCM) examination (CCM credential). Current findings will be compared with past role and function studies in an effort to highlight the core changes our practice has encountered over time. This comparison will include important demographics and background information about the case manager workforce, essential role activities, and important knowledge areas necessary for effective and competent performance. Additionally, you will hear about the importance of practice analysis research in articulating a better understanding of the professional case manager role, charting the evolution of the practice, and the design of evidence-based education and credentialing programs for the advancement of the practice.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply scientific methods in describing the role of the professional case manager

  • Discuss the changes that have occurred in the practice of case management over the past 2 decades

  • Identify key domains of the case manager activities and knowledge for practice