Effective Communication and Collaboration in High Risk Transitions Transforms Care at the Bedside - Hospital to Home

Timeslot: Friday, March 1, 2019 - 8:15am to 10:30am
Session Type: Jump Start Session
Room: Maryland Ballroom A/C / Ballroom Level


Sweeping changes in healthcare law are influencing health care delivery and raising the bar for case management. Across the care continuum, silo-based case management models are evolving to incorporate a patient-centered transitional care component that targets the patient and caregiver. Continuum-based case management practices require effective team collaboration, strong communication skills, and patient-centeredness as key components that ensure integrity in care delivery, patient safety, and smooth care transitions.

Learning Outcomes

  • Advocate for their important collaborative role of transforming care at the bedside by incorporating collective strategies of assessment, evaluation, collaboration, and communication.

  • Communicate their advocacy role in empowering the patient’s voice as an active participant in informed decision making and goal setting.

  • Advance patient-centered communication - from hospital to home - throughout the high-risk readmission period and ensure warm handoff’s in the community.