Healing the Nation, Advancing an Integrated Mental Health Agenda in a Fragmented World

Ethics Alert! This session is approved for 1 CCM Ethics CE.

Timeslot: Thursday, March 12, 2020 - 3:30pm to 4:30pm
Session Type: Plenary Session
Room: Colorado Ballroom A - Convention Center Level 3


Our nation is dying prematurely to preventable causes. We are seeing more deaths to drugs, alcohol, and suicide than ever before. These “deaths of despair” impact us all, and our current solutions to these problems have been as fragmented as the system already in place to help. Families and communities are in pain and the solution to that pain is to heal. Mental health and addiction are foundational issues that must be addressed in a more integrated and comprehensive way if we are serious about changing the direction in this country. This talk will focus on three major themes: the importance of changing the culture of how we think about health, ways each of us can lead, and the action we must take in our programs and policies. Healing the nation requires thoughtful attention to social and economic factors as well as a vision for a new vision for health care.

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will be able to describe the latest data on deaths of despair as well as the root causes

  • Participants will be able to list examples of programs and policies that can positively impact mental health and addiction

  • Participants will be able to discuss a comprehensive framework that better integrates mental health into both community and clinical settings