Wendy Lynch, Ph.D.

Lynch Consulting



As a research scientist working in the business world, Dr. Wendy Lynch has learned to straddle commercial and academic goals, converting analytic results into market success. Through her experience in diverse work settings, she became familiar with (and fascinated by) the unique language of each. That experience led to her true passion of promoting clear and meaningful conversation that promotes mutual understanding and success.

A consultant to numerous Fortune 100 companies, her career includes faculty at the UC Health Sciences Center, VP of Strategic Development at HCMS, Principal at Mercer HR and Board of Directors for two publicly-traded firms. Now Dr. Lynch runs her own consulting firm conducting Big Data analytic projects in Human Capital Management. In every instance and every setting, communication is key.

A frequent speaker, and author of over 100 peer-reviewed publications, Dr. Lynch has also published three books: Who Survives, Aligning Incentives, Information, and Choice and, most recently, Get to What Matters.

Find her at www.lynchconsultingltd.com, www.get2whatmatters.com, and @wendy_lynch on Twitter or listen to her New World Symposium Speaker Podcast!