Call for Poster Abstracts

Submission Deadline: October 16, 2017

Who can submit?
CCMC's New World Symposium 2018 encourages poster abstracts to be submitted from all contexts of case management. There are no requirements for specific credential levels of submitters.  You do not need to be a CCM to submit. 

Is there a fee? 
A $200 fee will be due if your poster is accepted. The fee is not due at the time of submission. If your abstract is accepted an invoice $200 will be sent to the primary author along with the acceptance email and is due upon receipt. 

What can my poster focus on / what type of posters are you looking for?

  • Workplace Safety or Ethics: de-escalation techniques; self-protection strategies; sound principles of practice; protecting public interest
  • Research: reporting new technology; evidence-informed practice; quality outcomes
  • Education: consumer or case manager education; health promotion strategies; advocacy; holistic care; behavioral health 
  • Community Initiatives: innovative care delivery models; social determinants of health; transitions of care; ACOs; PCMH
  • Collaboration and Processes: team building; practice initiatives and partnerships; knowledge exchange; building networks; pay per performance
  • Culture and Diversity: approaches to care; attitudes/beliefs/values; workforce diversity; health literacy, cultural competency 
  • Health Policy and Advocacy: local and national levels; health care reform; health promotion; new models of care

What happens after I submit my abstract?
A taskforce will review all submissions after the October 16, 2017 submission deadline. Abstracts will be accepted based on their merit, relevance to practice, and general interest.  After the Taskforce has completed their review, an email notification will be sent to the PRIMARY AUTHOR, advising if the poster has been accepted, along with an invoice for the $200 poster fee. 

Please be aware of the following requirements that will apply should your poster abstract be accepted:

  • The primary author must attend the Symposium and purchase a full symposium registration.
  • The primary author must be present during the designated poster presentation time, 12:30pm – 1:45pm (local time) on Friday, January 19th, 2018, to stand by the poster in the exhibit hall and engage in conversation with attendees and answer questions about the poster. 

Abstract Guidelines

Please submit your abstract via the online submission form, found below. Please take note of the following guidelines before proceeding to the form: 

  • Authors are expected to clearly state the title and purpose/goal/objectives of the poster
  • We will consider “encore” posters, or posters that may have already been presented elsewhere, as along as the content is still current and relevant
  • Briefly describe the manner in which the study or issue was addressed and the findings, conclusions or solutions
  • Clearly suggest ideas about the possible relevance of your work for case managers on the interdisciplinary healthcare team
  • Use 12 point Times New Roman regular font
  • Use upper case lettering only if applicable
  • Maximum of 250 words
  • Please apply the following headings into your abstract:
    1. Title 
    2. Background of Study/Inquiry
    3. Purpose of Study/Inquiry
    4. Methodology/Methods, Analytical Approach
    5. Findings/Implications

Poster Abstract Submission Form