Becoming a Culturally-Competent Provider of Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service

Timeslot: Thursday, February 28, 2019 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm
Session Type: General Session
Room: Maryland Ballroom 4 / Ballroom Level


It's important to understand cultural differences in case management, as differing approaches to care can impact an individual’s progress and participation in a rehabilitation setting. Case managers must learn how to utilize culture to connect with diverse individuals through language, cultural awareness, and personal values. This session will explore what you can do to identify the contribution of culture to each individual’s life and how to utilize culture to enhance clinical outcomes. Topics such as language, acculturation, cultural awareness, and personal values will be addressed as they relate to ways a provider can connect with the diverse patient.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define cultural competence

  • Describe three steps to becoming culturally competent

  • List one thing they can do to increase their knowledge regarding a different culture

  • Describe one thing they can do or say to a brain injury survivor to communicate they respect their values even if they don’t agree with them.