Health Inequities: Higher Incidence of Type 2 Diabetes in Minority Populations

Timeslot: Wednesday, October 12, 2022 - 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM
Session Type: Concurrent Session


Health inequities have come to the forefront of our awareness in our current healthcare environment. It is known that commonalities amongst the Hispanic, African American, and Native American populations experience a higher incidence of Type 2 diabetes. In this session, the presenter will explore social determinants of health and inequities as rationale of “why” minorities have a higher incidence of Type 2 diabetes. Primary, secondary and tertiary health promotion will be discussed as well as education and interventions to support decreasing development of Type 2 diabetes in this population. Healthy People 2030 goals will be examined in the context of social determinants (including economic stability, health care access and quality, education access and quality, environment / neighborhood and social and community conditions) and resources will be presented to enable case managers to assist their clients with self-management and positively impact their health and well-being.

Learning Outcomes

  • Illustrate how social determinants of health impact the care of minority populations with diabetes  

  • Analyze two (2) resources that can support diabetes management

  • Apply three (3) interventions case managers can implement to offset health care inequities