Dana Deravin Carr, RNC, CCM, DrPH, MPH, MS

Jacobi Medical Center

Program Coordinator - High Risk Care Transitions Hospital to Home


Dana Deravin Carr is the Program Coordinator for the Care Transitions Initiative for the hospitals of the North Bronx Health Care Network-- (Jacobi Medical Center (JMC) and North Central Bronx (NCB) Hospital)—of the New York City Health and Hospital Corporation, which is the largest public hospital system in the United States. The Care Transitions Initiative provides vital patient-centered care management intervention and support to targeted high-risk populations with chronic diseases. In addition to transition initiative responsibilities, Dr. Carr also serves as a career mentor to graduate students in healthcare via the Greater New York Hospital Association/HHC Mentorship Initiative.  
Dana joined Jacobi Medical Center in 2002 as a Senior Care Manager and provided continuum-based care management services to patients presenting to Critical Care, Acute Care, Pediatrics and In-patient Acute Rehabilitation Departments.  

Prior to her tenure at Jacobi Medical Center, Dr. Carr provided administrative and clinical leadership in the continuum based venues of acute care, home health care, and long-term care.
Dr. Carr’s research has focused on a variety of topics in case management and end of life care.  She has delivered several professional lectures and presentations to a diverse group of healthcare professionals and policymakers. Her many honors and awards include the 2016 Health and Hospital Corporation’s recognition for outstanding Case Management – Leading and Advancing the Profession, the 2011 selection as Case Manager of the Year for CMSA's Hudson Valley Chapter and the 2010 selection as a recipient of the Patricia McCullough Award for the Advancement of Case Management Practice. She is on the editorial board of the Journal of the New York State Nurses Association and has served as an Editorial Board member Case-in-Point Magazine. In addition, over the years, Dr. Carr has participated in CCMC’s committee initiatives and served as an Item writer for CCMC and ANCC.