Pedro Cachon, BSN, RN

Simply Healthcare Plans

Manager II


Pedro Cachon obtained his Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree at Miami Dade College in 2015 and has over 10 years of nursing practice. Pedro began his career in case management in the discipline of obstetric nursing at Simply Healthcare Plans in Miami, Florida in 2013. His interest in obstetric nursing and drive to increase the quality of maternal and newborn care for diverse populations soon promoted him as a manager of the department of obstetrics. Pedro, along with his team of case managers, has a mission to reduce infant mortality rates, low birth weights, premature deliveries, and neonatal ICU admissions, locally and regionally. During his tenure at Simply Healthcare Plans, Pedro successfully implemented three prevention and intervention programs: The NICU Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Program, Gestational Diabetes Program, and Doulas Program. These programs were developed to support the mental health and physical wellbeing of at-risk mothers and families. Pedro continues to support diverse populations, as well as increase infant and maternal healthcare outcomes. His goal is to develop the highest quality obstetric program in Florida.