Robert (Bob) Vaughan

Upper Chesapeake CTO

Manager, Practice Transformation


The Healthcare Industry allowed me the opportunity to work during the day and attend classes in the evenings in my pursuit of a bachelor's degree. What I learned in that pursuit was that the education system did not match the reality of the healthcare day to day operations and strategic planning. I decided on a different approach and obtained certifications to advance my career such as Certified Medical Coder, ICD-10 Trainer, Medical Compliance Officer and Certified Medical Practice Executive. The knowledge and skills gained from the certifications come into play in the majority of the conversations and strategic planning that is needed for our Care Transformation Organization (CTO). Coupled with the Culinary Arts mentality of "Mise en place" (Everything in its place) has allowed me to help lead our CTO successfully in our 4th year of the Maryland Primary Care Program (MDPCP) for Medicare Part B Beneficiaries. We are now extending our programs and care teams to Medicare Advantage populations and soon other insurances to become a holistic program.