Shannon Whittington, DNP, MSN, RN, CCM, LGBTQ+ certified

Whittington Consulting



My name is Dr. Shannon Whittington. I identify as a cisgender gay female and my pronouns are she/her and hers. I’m a clinical nurse educator who accidentally fell into LGBTQ+ education and thus discovered an aptitude and passion for educating nurses on this topic. I’ve got certifications, letters, books, and several awards behind my name, but I think what is more important is what is in my heart. As a gay woman, I’ve faced my unfair share of healthcare discrimination, but who do we blame for this? Our nursing schools, our healthcare organizations, or ourselves? I personally blame no one, but I would blame myself if I didn’t do something about this enormous practice gap. Shame on me for remaining silent. So here we are today, with me talking to you about a topic that is often overlooked and maybe something you may not have thought about. My mission is to transform how healthcare is delivered to the rainbow community without judgement or discrimination. Because, as my mom says, once you know better, you do better.