Toni Heer, MS, CNS, RN, CMC, CCCTM

Upstate Medical University

MS, CNS, Intensive Transitions Team CM


Toni Heer is a caring patient advocate, committed to providing equitable care to vulnerable populations. Provider of care that is respectful of and responsive to patient preferences and values and delivered beyond the bedside, across the care continuum. Toni Heer is particularly interested in social determinants of health, innovative care strategies and work to promote integrating community based organizations into healthcare. Toni is an active Board member for local Meals on Wheels, and our Boards healthcare taskforce. Toni has been employed at Upstate since March 2000, she is married and is the mother of a 26 year old son. Additionally, in her spare time Toni works on a 1400 acre crop farm with her husband, and enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and horseback riding. Toni is interested in integrated health care opportunities and hope to become certified as an equine psycho therapist and assisting individuals with any level of disability to find improved sense of wellness through equine assisted therapy.