High Performance Climb

Keynote Session

Date: Tuesday, October 15, 2024
Time: 10:10 AM to 11:10 AM


Greg Wooldridge, also known as “BOSS”, is the only 3X Leader of The Blue Angels which will never be done again in the history of the Navy.

Greg is a highly respected leader known for his ability to build high-performing teams based on communication, trust, teamwork, & liberating belief levels. During his time at flight candidate school, Greg embraced the power of collaboration and teamwork, witnessing how it could enhance individual performance. As the commander of a carrier squadron, he recognized the incredible potential of a motivated team operating at peak efficiency.

When appointed as the Blue Angels Commanding Officer, Greg’s journey exemplified the realization of his dreams and the transformation of his beliefs. His heart-driven approach proved to be a perfect match for the Blue Angels culture of excellence and culture of caring, where he successfully led three teams through times of difficult transition. His remarkable achievements demonstrate how any organization can redefine the meaning of high performance.

Inspired by his success, Greg now shares his methods to empower individuals and teams on their journey towards high performance.

During this session, Greg will explain how trust and culture impact team dynamics and performance and enable participants to identify and develop individual skills applicable in the teamwork environment to ensure high performance and effectiveness in meeting excellent outcomes.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify how to create and sustain a values-based culture

  • Analyze the formula for ensuring excellence day to day

  • Develop high trust in teams as a guarantor of success