Sarah Stevenson, LICSW, NSW-C, CCM

Providence VA Medical Center

Out-Patient Specialty Clinics Social Worker


Sarah Stevenson received her MSW from Hunter College in 2005. She is an independently licensed social worker, a Certified Nephrology Social Worker and a Certified Case Manager. Sarah joined the Providence VA in 2007 and began working in the dialysis unit in 2009. In addition to her duties in the dialysis unit, Sarah has served in many other capacities at the Providence VA including supervisor to Primary Care Social Work and Acting Chief of Social Work and GEC. She is currently the Out-Patient Specialty Clinic Social Worker where she serves as the social work point of contact for dialysis, cardiology, pulmonary, infectious disease and the emergency room. She earned the Providence VA Social Worker of the Year Award in 2020. Sarah also works with the Brown University Renal Fellows, offering education on difficult conversations with patients regarding the initiation of or withdrawal from dialysis. She is the founder and chair of the CNSW Chapter of Southern New England and received the 2018 National Kidney Foundation CNSW Regional Social Worker Award for Region 1. Sarah has served as the Region 1 Representative for the CNSW Executive Committee since 2019. She has previously presented at the NKF Spring Clinicals in 2016, 2020 and 2022, as well as at the New England Society for Case Management in 2018.